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This is a selected bibliography of works to which I referred during my tenure as a Goddard College MFA-IA student. Generally, I only list authors once, citing the work that most influenced me. Certainly, in the case of authors like Jo Spence, belle hooks, Michele Foucault, Ralph Waldo Emerson, et al, I referred to many of their works. In cases where I have listed an author twice, as with David Wojnarowicz, it is because I deemed both works to be of importance and becasue the author is working in different genres. In Wojnarowicz's case, I also believe that his works should be available to a wider audience.

I did not include resources that I used but that were part of my lexicon prior to entering the Goddard program. One might be surprised, for example to find no reference to the San Francisco School of abstract expressionists or to the work of many 19 c. European painters. I chose to omit these sources in the sercie of length, but more in the spirit of being precise in documenting my Goddard experience.

Finally, I did not list all the resources that I consulted while at Goddard. I feel that doing so would be gratutitous. This is, in many ways, my recommended reading to others who share my preoccupations.

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