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Since I was a kid I've asked questions and I've looked for places where I might fit in. I didn't fit in the town where I grew up or with my family. As an adult, I continue to seek my place in the world. I've made connections in my life, but I still don't fit the way other people fit. At the end of the day, I know that I don't want to fit.

I don't want to live outside of society. I simply want to live authentically within society. I'm seeking sources of support and similarly inclined folk. As a queer man, I locate my search within the ideas of queer theory. Yet, I also feel alienated by much of what passes as "queer culture."

This site is a hybrid, a work in progress. Just like me.

work in progress: imagining being, 48 x 60", oil on panel, c. 2003





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