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experiencing subjectivity
bodies in knowledge
queering context
work: daily photo
narrative: i never
interlude: notes on practice... or is it process?
narrative: cookies and a nice glass of milk
work: american cowboys
work: biological father
another context
addendum: notes on goddard
by peter hocking

This page offers links to the sections of my portfolio, written in partial fulfillment of the Masters of Fine Arts in Inderdisciplinary Arts program at Goddard College.

The order of the links reflects the idea of a table of contents for the purpose of its printed form, which is entombed in the Goddard College Library. Internet readers are encouraged to ignore or follow this structure according to their predilections. While there are intentional connections between sections, a non-linear reading will, undoubtedly reveal its own meaning.

This is the final draft. It's done. Finito!

If you have comments of suggestions, I am eager to hear them. Please feel free to mail me at

Catherine Lord, first reader

Pam Hall, second reader